Thomas Sabo Dragon Nights Red Pendant

Thomas Sabo Dragon Nights Red Pendant

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  • Thomas Sabo Red Ornamental Dragon Pendant. Feminine
  • gracefully designed ornamentation and geometric rigour are combined in this creation full of expressiveness: Handcrafted jewellery artistry at the highest level and elaborate enamel inlay work
  • Far-Eastern symbolism and an intensive blaze of colour and splendid stones make this Great Blessing amulet so special. It is said to protect the wearer on a daily basis and give him energy.

    - 925 Sterling silver

  • blackened

    - glass-ceramic stone

  • synthetic corundum dark red

    - black

  • red enamelled
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Product Details

EZcode TPE786
Metal Type 925 Silver
Metal Colour 3-Tone
Material Sterling Silver